Know the Essentials About Essential Oils


Much like the coconut oil craze that is making its way into homes across the country, so too is the surge in popularity in essential oils for treating everyday maladies. But while essential oils may smell nice, can they really cure anything?

Do They Work?
To answer if essential oils work, you first need to ask what you’re trying to get them to work for. If you are looking for something that smells pleasant and helps you relax, then yes, essential oils have been found to be effective. In fact, for some patients with dental anxiety, diffusing or sniffing essential oils prior to a procedure may help to keep them feeling calm and centered.

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Sneaky Cavity Culprits You May Never See Coming!


With summer here and staying fit and active at the top of many people’s priority lists this time of year, there are many extra steps you can take to stay healthy and keep your stamina up. But what many people don’t realize is that some of these so-called healthy habits could be wreaking havoc on your teeth.  If you’re working hard to keep your body in great shape, don’t forget to include your mouth! Check out this list of some of the sneakiest tooth decay culprits, and find out what you can do to stop them!


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Flavored Waters May Not Be as Great for Teeth as We Thought

We’ve all heard how bad sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices are for our teeth, but they taste so good, and let’s face it, sometimes drinking plain old water isn’t very exciting. So, when the beverage industry introduced a new iteration of flavored sparkling waters, people everywhere rejoiced that they could finally drink something that’s good and good for you at the same time. Or is it? You see, while sales of designer waters like La Croix are currently doubling in sales year after year, what many consumers don’t realize is that they’re not that much better for your teeth than regular soda.

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Dental Emergency? There’s an App for That!

A new smartphone app developed by students at the Indiana University School of Dentistry promises to change the way patients seek care for dental emergencies. The DentaCom app helps patients self-diagnose dental emergencies, and then find a dentist who can help them. Dr. Gary Lederman discusses the pros and cons of practicing medicine via a smartphone app.

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Could Probiotics Help You Prevent Cavities?

It seems like you can’t open a magazine or watch a health segment on the news these days without hearing about the amazing benefits of probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that when ingested have a variety of health benefits to the human or animal who consumes them. Probiotics are currently available at most stores in the form of supplements and are also found as an ingredient in certain food products like yogurt, cheese, pickles and even kombucha, all which offer natural and added probiotic benefits. But though probiotics are currently only ingested orally, very few are designed to benefit the mouth specifically.

Probiotics work via a process called competitive inhibition that essentially balances the good bacteria with the bad, by allowing the good bacteria to flourish, and leaving the bad bacteria to starve and die off. The good bacteria then become the new sheriff in town and help maintain order in the affected area, whether that be your digestive system or your mouth.

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