Dr. Lederman is committed to modern, efficient, sustainable dentistry for his patients. To fulfill that mission, he has maintained a lifelong dedication to continuing education. In his ongoing study, Dr. Lederman has been trained on the latest technologies that improve dentistry and the experience of dentistry for the patient.

As dentistry has evolved, Dr. Lederman has explored new concepts and brought them into his practice for his patients’ benefit. His studies includes neuromuscular dentistry, which offers a non-invasive treatment for TMJ and applications for sleep apnea and orthodontics, and biomimetic dentistry, which is a sustainable, minimally-invasive approach to restorations.

Dr. Lederman is also fully committed to the idea that his patients deserve the best care possible. For that reason, we treat all patients on an individualized basis, diagnosing and offering the optimal dental care for their needs. For that reason, it’s vital to avoid restrictions on a patient‘s treatment options in order to allow that patient the most beneficial set of treatment options. Also, quality of care is our highest priority with each patient. At Dr. Lederman’s practice, your dental care is not compromised by limitations in dental insurance plans. We act as an out of network provider, meaning your insurance will cover a portion of your bill but it will not dictate the level of care for which you are authorized.

The benefits to you include:
• You can use your dental insurance at Dr. Lederman’s practice.
• You are enabled to choose the level of care that suits your needs.
• Your treatment options are not restricted.
• Dr. Lederman’s practice provides all the paperwork, diagnostic information, treatment documentation and support necessary for reimbursement from insurance companies.
• Your insurance will reimburse you directly.
Dr. Lederman also stresses excellent communication. If you ever have any questions for us, please call us directly at 516-882-1764.

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