Black or grey metal fillings contain mercury and are generally considered an old and outdated technology for filling for many reasons. Dr. Lederman has not used silver, gray or metal fillings for years, instead opting for the improved dentistry of white, resin fillings.

Most people focus on the fact that white fillings blend in with teeth for a better aesthetic look. That may be true but we make sure our patients are aware of the health risks of black or grey fillings. In addition to those health concerns, expanding and contracting is a major issue with metal fillings. This drawback causes frequent need to replace broken or worn out fillings, which often require more drilling, making the issue only larger for the affected tooth.

Not only are composite resin fillings look natural and are often undetectable on the teeth. So, when fillings are necessary, Dr. Lederman uses the white composite resin fillings. It is not uncommon for patients with metal fillings to request the removal of those metal fillings because of the health concerns. Those patients would require the use of the white resin fillings. In the case of patients who have cavities, Dr. Lederman’s first option is to use Biomimetic adhesive techniques to fill the cavity before removing tooth structure.

If you have black or metal fillings, please call us for an appointment at 516-882-1764 to replace those fillings with white composite fillings.

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