Dr. Lederman offers patients health, hygiene, screening and restoration services expected with a full-service dental office.

Your dental care starts at home with diligent home care including brushing and flossing. Each patient is different, but generally it is a good rule to visit us every six months for a professional cleaning. In a cleaning, we are able to clean the areas you miss, and make sure your gums remain healthy.

Sometimes in routine hygiene care, we spot cavities that need fillings. When possible, Dr. Lederman uses a biomimetic approach to fillings that require less or no drilling. These biomimetic restorations are longer lasting and more sustainable for the tooth. The same is the case with a biomimetic crown restoration.

Dr. Lederman also uses CEREC technology for crowns when possible. With this technology, his patients can avoid multiple visits to the dentist for crowns by avoiding the temporary crown stage. With CEREC, the crown is milled at Dr. Lederman’s office, allowing a patient to get their tooth restored in just one visit.

For more information about Dr. Lederman’s family dentistry services, please call us for an appointment at 516-882-1764.

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