Dr. Lederman is a leader in bringing a biomimetic dentistry approach dentistry his patients in New York. The term “biomimetic” means to imitate or to model after nature. Applied to dentistry, Dr. Lederman follows the ideal model for dental structure: the actual tooth.

Traditionally, fillings, crowns and root canals require part of the tooth to be removed, drilled or compromised. In some cases that is still necessary bu,t in many cases, science now offers a less damaging approach. Ideally, keeping the hard enamel part of the tooth intact means the tooth will remain healthy longer, maybe all your life! This approach is biomimetic.

To remove less tooth structure, Dr. Lederman uses tools, materials and techniques that are less invasive and that allow restorations to function like nature intended. Removing less tooth structure is a conservative and minimally invasive approach. Biomimetic dentistry restores nearly the original strength to teeth and seals them, protecting them from reinfection, sensitivity and preserving tooth vitality, reducing the need for root canals and crowns. The materials Dr. Lederman uses are advanced ceramics and strong adhesives. By leaving more of the tooth intact and using materials that are strong and behave similarly to the tooth, the tooth remains stronger and more naturally resilient. The alternative of traditional dentistry begins removing the pieces of the tooth starting with making fillings, which weakens the tooth and often accelerates the need for crowns, root canals and even tooth loss (extractions). By leaving the original tooth structure in place with the biomimetic approach, the chances of maintaining the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, which is removed in a root canal are increased, meaning a lifetime of stronger and healthier teeth, and longer lasting dental restorations.

For more information about Dr. Lederman’s biomimetic approach to dentistry, please call us for an appointment at 516-882-1764 to replace those fillings with white composite fillings.

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