Natural-Looking Teeth Trending in Hollywood

Having white, healthy teeth is something many people aspire to. Studies have shown that people perceive white teeth as making you look younger, healthier and more attractive. But for some people, getting those pearly whites the right shade of white can be a challenge. Stained, cracked, chipped and misshapen teeth can be impossible to improve without dental intervention, but there are solutions for those willing to pay the price.

Dental veneers have long been a popular option for individuals looking to improve their smile without the use of orthodontics, crowns or other dental prosthetics. But gone are the days when those so-called perfect smiles reigned supreme. A new trend in veneers is making headlines around the world - but is it right for you?

Dr. Gary Lederman is a dentist practicing in Bellmore, New York. He has treated patients with veneers in his clinic and says he notices the tides turning when it comes to veneers.

"In previous years the trend in veneers was brighter, whiter, squarer-shaped, perfect-looking teeth," says Lederman. "But the trend is going away from that. People want teeth that look more natural."

That means not so blindingly white and not so perfectly shaped, either. In fact, it’s not just a trend in local dental offices around the country - it’s a big trend in Hollywood, too. According to a recent report, many Los Angeles-based cosmetic dentists are not only getting requests for new, more natural-looking veneers, but they’re also getting a lot of requests for re-do veneers on patients who have already gotten veneers and now want something a little more natural looking.

"Typically, veneers last up to 20 years depending on how well they are cared for," says Lederman. "So it says a lot that people are having them replaced before their time is up. It’s a big commitment."

So, is this trend a good thing, or a bad thing? After all, isn’t it better to strive for perfection? When it comes to teeth, maybe not.

"People don’t want it to be obvious that they have veneers anymore," says Lederman. "They want to look like themselves, only better."



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